Pumpkin Flower

An original comic about a boy and a ghost

By Fishies

Should this really be the main character?


A very tiny teenager who lives with his older brother, Ane. He hid Dell in his closet. Usually quiet but ready to go on forever if started up. He is a Mancer, which gives him slight magic abilities, and also many health issues.

Maybe he should be the main character.


Kinda dead. Also experiencing severe culture shock and memory problems, quite likely because of the former. Tea found him under the library. He likes computers.

He'd like being the main character!


Tea's older brother who wears frilly dresses and sleeps with Edgar. He has not lived with Tea very long. He likes booze, has a quick temper, and can set things on fire with his mind.

No, I think he's the villain.


Leader of Terr and Ane's boyfriend. Has a mysterious plan involving various stolen goods and eternal life.

Walls your main characters.


Edgar's right hand lady. She is a Mancer and has magical powers. Hates Tea and his mommy.

Now he'd be an ok main character.


Captain of Avi, and wearer of glasses too big for his nose. Has trouble getting respect. He actually wonders why, which explains a lot. Currently investigating the murder of Viktor, the last leader of Avi.

Then he'd be the love interest?


The only other member of Avi. He likes swords, sewing, feeling up his boss, and antagonising violent people.

mommy no D:

Tearlag Talc

Tea's dead mother. Was once a famous scientist and surgeon. Ince crushed on her in university.

Only in her mind.


In Terr. Rather violent and takes poorly to death threats.

Cares not for your main characters.


She is in charge of business and behind-the-scenes work at Terr. Thinks they should sell coffee.