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Pumpkin Flower

An original comic about a boy and a ghost

By Fishies


  • Battery Tablet - magical battery created by shoving a ghost in a slab. Created in late DtH, outlawed Hild 202 (98 years ago). They decided shoving ghosts into slabs might be un-ethical.
  • Dawn Period - Short period of aprox. 1100-1000 years ago.
  • Dawn to Hild Period - Period between the Dawn and Hild eras. Aprox. 1000 to 300 years ago. It was not named such until the Late Hild (modern times).
  • Hild Period - Period from 300 years ago to now.
  • The Library - Located in The Castle. Rather huge and spread through out the buildings.
  • Mancer - A person born with the ability to use magic.
  • Fury - Religious organization, but based more on the real world than the spiritual. There are many subsections.
  • Terr - A Fury group led by Edgar. They have a bar.
  • Avi - A Fury group led by Ciar. They have books and a scanner.
  • The Gardens - A temple for people who worship a plant god. Best plant sales ever.

Comic Extras

Extra comics for Pumpkin Flower.

  • MXC meets PF Wherin Tea and Dell take tumbles for people's amusement.
  • Pumpkin Flower Trick or Treat Wherin Tea and Dell try to get candy.
  • Banket Monster Tea becomes a blanket monster with XXX results.
  • Snow

    An AU comic I did for school. It's not canon, although some ideas are the same. (Ex. Dell is not Maggie's dead brother. That'd be weird.) Warning: makes no sense.

    Cover, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven